4 golden rules to allow your team to do its best work anywhere

MicrosoftLogoToday, we all want more flexibility to get our work done anywhere, but how, as an employer, do you accommodate this demand?

We believe there are four golden rules that will guarantee a happy, productive team when you specify a solution.

1. Allow your employees to choose and use their favourite device. We are all individuals with personal preferences and nobody enjoys being forced to fit into a mound. Today’s cloud based technologies allow employees to get familiar experiences across all devices – Windows, iOS or Android – so there is no need to be overly prescriptive in what they use.

2. Make sure they can access the latest version of files from anywhere. Version control can be a killer and not being able to get to a file that you know you updated recently is infuriating as well as time consuming. Cloud based solutions mean everybody is working on one version of the truth.

3. Provide hardware that allows people to work longer and faster. We’ve all been there – racing to get a job done before the battery dies or watching the interminable ‘wheel of death’ as you wait for a file to download, while it drains your battery at the same time. Choose an operating system with faster boot times, improved responsiveness and battery saver features to prolong battery life.

4. Allow easy remote access to business resources. CRM, finance and HR apps can all be needed on the move and can slow productivity if they can only be accessed from the office. By selecting cloud based apps that are designed for use on mobile device,, they can all be accessed quickly and remotely.

With solutions built on robust products and technologies you can let your employees do their best work wherever they need to be.

Talk to us about specifying a best-in-class solution that is tailored to your needs and budget.

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