Find and capitalise on the best sales opportunities

Knowing your customers inside out is the key to success in any business. Building the right customer relationships is essential as it not only promotes ongoing customer loyalty, but it can also lead to advocacy, and we all know how important word of mouth is. Winning the loyalty of customers today means knowing what they need and staying connected, so research everything you possibly can about them – and record it; what makes them tick, how do they measure success, what are their pain points, and how does your solution make their lives easier? To do this, you need to [...]

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Knibbs Sponsors Award

We are pleased to announce that we will again be sponsoring an award at the upcoming Uckfield Business Awards. This year we are supporting the Best New Product or Service category. This award is for Uckfield's creators and innovators. To win the award, you will need to demonstrate new product, service or process innovations that have had a significant impact on your business, or have the potential to do so. Innovation doesn't have to be technical: it could just as easily be in your operations, your marketing or your customer service. Business should self nominate by going to the awards [...]

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Tim is interviewed on Uckfield FM

Tim, our Managing Director, has just been on  Uckfield FM talking about the business and the Uckfield Business Awards. We are sponsoring the Innovation category in the awards. If your business is in Uckfield and you have created a new product, process or service why not enter your business for the award - it's free and you have nothing to loose! Have a listen to the interview on the following links. Tim on Uckfield FM Part 1 Tim on Uckfield FM Part 2

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