New Tech Laws For AI Bots & Better Passwords

It may be no surprise to hear that California, home of Silicon Valley, has become the first state to pass laws to make AI bots 'introduce themselves' (i.e. identify themselves as bots), and to ban weak default passwords. Other states and countries (including the UK) may follow. Bot Law With more organisations turning to bots to help them create scalable, 24-hour customer services, together with the interests of transparency at a time when AI is moving forward at a frightening pace, California has just passed a law to make bots identify themselves as such on first contact. Also, in the [...]

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Facebook Messenger May Introduce Voice Commands

It has been reported that Facebook has been testing how voice commands could be used in its Messenger platform to help users to send messages, initiate voice calls and set reminders. Internally Testing Facebook is reported to have confirmed to tech news platform ‘TechCrunch’ that it is internally testing a prototype of voice control (which was discovered by a TechCrunch tipster) in the M assistant of Messenger. Facebook’s new speech recognition feature goes by the name of ‘Aloha’. It is believed that Aloha will be used for Facebook and Messenger apps, as well as external hardware. The Aloha voice assistant [...]

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Windows 10 October Rollout Suspended Due To File Deleting Fault

The October rollout of the update to Windows 10 as part of the SaaS model has been suspended due to reports that some customers have experienced mass file deletions. Eating Files It has been reported that the rollout of version 1809 October 2018 update for Windows 10 has been temporarily halted after users reported that files had been deleted and over-written. The update rollout (which is due to be happening in waves over the course of this month) was stopped after users took to Microsoft’s support site and social media to complain, express their anger, and warn other users of [...]

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How Business Emails Are Vulnerable

Research by digital risk management and threat intelligence firm Digital Shadows has revealed that company credentials and emails that can be easily accessed on the web are making it easier for cyber-criminals to target businesses with attacks. What’s Are The Problems? According to the research, businesses may be suffering targeted attacks because several key problems that are caused by the results of previous hacks and breaches, and by current poor security practices. These problems are that: Around 12.5 million company email archive files are publicly accessible due to misconfigured archive storage drives e.g. FTP and Amazon S3 buckets. Business emails [...]

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Goodbye Skype Classic, Hello Blockchain-as-a-Service

Just as November will see Microsoft asking Skype users to switch from Skype Classic to version 8, tech commentators are predicting that Microsoft and other companies will be looking to start reaping the financial benefits of offering blockchain as a service (BaaS). Skype Classic Replaced By Version 8 Microsoft has announced that it will be moving all users of the Classic version of its Skype video call software to version 8 of the software from 1st November for desktop, and 15th November for mobile and tablets. The company says that it will be sending out notifications to those using the [...]

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Tech Tip – Disable Flash in Edge to Speed Things Up

Adobe Flash may be a way to make websites more exciting and engaging, but it can contain bugs, security holes, and it can really slow things down when you’re waiting for Flash-heavy pages to load. In Windows 10 you can quickly and easily turn off Flash in the Edge browser. Here’s how Go to Settings and scroll until you can click “View Advanced Settings”. Toggle “Use Adobe Flash Player” to off.

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Facebook Hack Keeps Getting Worse

As if the recent Facebook hack of 50 million user accounts that was discovered on 25th September wasn’t bad enough, it became apparent that it could also affect "Facebook Login" service, which allows other apps to use people's Facebook account to login. What Happened? On Tuesday 25 September, Facebook engineers discovered that hackers had used a vulnerability in Facebook’s "View As" feature (which lets people see how their profiles appear to others) to steal digital keys known as "access tokens" from any accounts of people whose profiles were searched for using the "View As" feature. This meant that hackers were [...]

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Apple Making One-Quarter Of Its Revenue From Deal With Ad Giant Google

Figures from Goldman Sachs appear to show that, even though Apple may publicly take the moral high ground and criticise digital advertising businesses, it may actually be making $9 billion this year, one-quarter of its estimated total revenue, from a deal with digital advertising giant Google. Opposition and Irony Apple has been famously vocal about its high regard for user privacy and its opposition to the idea of harvesting user data to feed online advertising. For example, in a TV interview in April (Recode’s “Revolution” TV special with MSNBC) Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook said that Apple had elected not to [...]

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Chrome Extensions Get Security, Privacy and Performance Boost

Following the introduction last month of Google Chrome 69’s better password protection, Google has announced that Chrome 70 will bring trustworthy extensions by default. What Are Extensions? The Chrome extension system, introduced to the browser nearly a decade ago, has enabled the introduction of 180,000 different extensions which are small, bolt-on software programs that allow Google Chrome users to customize their browsing experience through functionality and behaviour that suits their individual needs or preferences. Extensions are typically built using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and are available in the Chrome Web Store. Google says that the dual mission of its extension [...]

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Company Fined £150k For Nuisance-Calling People Who Had Opted-Out

Manchester-based Oaklands Assist UK Ltd has been fined £150,000 by the ICO for making approximately 64,000 nuisance direct marketing calls to people who had already opted out of automated marketing. Serious Contravention of UK Law & EC Directive The monetary penalty by the ICO was delivered under section 55A of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) due to a “serious contravention” of Regulations 21 and 24 of the Private and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. The law states that live calls must not be made to any number registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) unless they have specifically [...]

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