Protect your business from ever evolving data threats

Businesses today face a constantly evolving set of potential threats, from data security breaches to downtime from unexpected events.  In a world where information travels beyond the boundary of the corporate network and potentially across many devices outside of company control, it is more critical than ever to have solutions in place to protect your data at the source. 1.     Data protection that’s truly mobile. With the increase of employee-owned devices within organisations, there is also an increasing risk of accidental data disclosure through apps and services that are outside of the organisation’s control, such as, email, social media, and [...]

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4 golden rules to allow your team to do its best work anywhere

Today, we all want more flexibility to get our work done anywhere, but how, as an employer, do you accommodate this demand? We believe there are four golden rules that will guarantee a happy, productive team when you specify a solution. 1. Allow your employees to choose and use their favourite device. We are all individuals with personal preferences and nobody enjoys being forced to fit into a mound. Today's cloud based technologies allow employees to get familiar experiences across all devices – Windows, iOS or Android – so there is no need to be overly prescriptive in what they use. [...]

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Have the ability to adapt quickly to ever changing business needs

The technology that you currently use within your business can dramatically dictate your ability to adapt in order to expand your reach, work faster, and be more productive.. You should begin by ensuring that your employees’ are all running Windows across all of their devices. If not, then your workers might be wasting time struggling with different experiences across their devices. Standardising your business activity on to one platform, such as Windows, will improve employee productivity, while allowing for broad device choice, be it based on personal preference or job function. How about the applications running on your devices? Are [...]

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