‘Five Eyes’ Demand Back Door Access To Encrypted Services … Or Else

The frustration of the so-called 'Five Eyes' governments in not being allowed access to end-to-end encrypted apps such as WhatsApp has boiled-over into the threat of enforcement via legislative (or other) measures. Who Are The ‘Five Eyes’? The so-called ‘Five Eyes’ refers to the intelligence alliance of the governments of the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Dating back to just after World War 2, the alliance is now secured by the UKUSA Agreement, a treaty for joint cooperation in signals intelligence. What’s The Problem? The argument from the government perspective is that end-to-end encryption in apps such as [...]

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Get a digital refresh

To ensure everyone in the UK can upskill and reskill, Microsoft is committed to offering #digitalskillscourses from basic digital literacy through to advanced #cloud technology skills Within the next two decades, 90% of jobs will require some level of digital proficiency, while the shortage of technical skills continues to grow. However, while there's a growing need for digital skills, our own research and experience has highlighted an increasing cloud skills gap. To ensure everyone in the UK can upskill and reskill, Microsoft is committed to offering digital skills courses from basic digital literacy through to advanced cloud technology skills. [...]

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Surface Pro now available

We are pleased to announce today that we have been accepted as Microsoft Surface resellers. We can now provide Surface devices pre-configured for our customer environments.   The new Surface Pro The most versatile laptop For people who want to work on their own terms Better than ever, the new Surface Pro was designed to work around you. A best-in-class laptop with the versatility of a studio and the convenience of a tablet. Years of innovation come together in a beautifully crafted device with exceptional power and performance and uncompromising mobility, backed by the [...]

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Hackers Targeting Office 365 Accounts

          We are receiving reports of targeted attacks to Office 365 users. The attack starts with a phishing email to an end user saying that their account has been compromised and to click on a link to fix the issue. This is a fake link that takes you to a website that looks like an office 365 login page - it's not! If you enter your username and password into this site you are giving the hackers what they want - a way in. The next thing the hacker does is take that username and password [...]

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Knibbs Achieves Cisco Select Status

As the company grows we are adding more and more partner certifications with major IT vendors. We are pleased to announce that we have now a Cisco Select Certified Partner Partner. Following on from our success in implementing various Cisco solutions including the Meraki wireless products we have moved up to become Certified Partners.  

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Private connections to Microsoft UK data centres now available

Microsoft made the announcement on 14th December 2016 - You can now use private connections to Microsoft's UK datacentres. There are a number of services now available including ExpressRoute and PSN/N3 connectivity. A number of UK government organisations are now taking advantage of the new UK data centres. The complete announcement is posted on Microsoft's new site here.  

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Know your customers inside out with familiar tools from Microsoft

Connect with Customers Knowing your customers inside out is the key to success in any business. Building the right customer relationships is essential. Doing so not only promotes ongoing customer loyalty, but it can also lead to customers recommending you to their friends or colleagues. To start building relationships that lead to sales, you need to research everything you possibly can about your prospects; what makes them tick, how do they measure success, what are their pain points, and how does your solution make their lives easier? Winning the loyalty of customers today means knowing what [...]

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Microsoft Small Business Specialists

When you are focussed on growing your business and being more competitive it's essential that you have IT systems that you can rely on. If  you are considering investing in or upgrading to new technology, you want to be sure that you're buying what you need and that it will meet your expectations. Which is why you should talk to an IT specialist before you buy. Microsoft Partners include Small Business Specialists, who specialise in helping start up and small-to-medium businesses with 5 or more PCs, tackle their business challenges through IT solutions. As Microsoft Small Business Specialists we are [...]

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