Trust Challenge For Online Sharing Services

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The Global Trust Survey from service provider Jumio has revealed that a quarter of adults feel unsafe using online sharing services. What Are Online Sharing Services? Online sharing services refers to companies like Uber and Airbnb where multiple users can use technology to book and consume a shared offering (car and room sharing), and where those offering the service can increase the utilisation of an asset – both parties get value from the exchange. The so-called “sharing economy” also includes services such as crowdfunding, personal services, and video and audio streaming. The Sharing Economy The sharing economy is expected to grow [...]

Low Launch Share Price For Uber

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Uber made its trading debut at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) last week, but the opening share price was much lower than had been expected at only $45 per share. $45 Per Share Ride-hailing (and now scooter and bike hire) company Uber had raised $28.5 billion as a private company from 166 different backers and was last valued at a still very impressive $75 billion. Even though banks and analysts had hinted at a projected figure of $120 billion that Uber looked set to raise in its public share offering, the actual figure turned out to be considerably less [...]

Serious Security Flaws Discovered In Popular GPS Tracker

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Researchers at UK cyber-security company, Fidus Information Security, say that they have found security flaws in a popular Chinese-manufactured white-label location tracker that could be serious enough to warrant a recall. Which Tracker? The GPS tracker which is used as a panic alarm for elderly patients, to monitor children, and to track vehicles is white label manufactured but rebranded and sold by several different companies which reportedly include Pebbell (by HoIP Telecom), OwnFone Footprint and SureSafeGo. The tracker uses a SIM card to connect to the 2G/GPRS network.  According to Fidus at least 10,000+ of these trackers are currently used in the UK [...]

Old Routers Are Targets For Hackers

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Internet security experts are warning that old routers are targets for cyber-criminals who find them an easy hacking option. How Big Is The Threat? Trend Micros have reported that back in 2016 there were five families of threats for routers, but this grew to 35 families of threats in 2018. Research by the American Consumer Institute in 2018 revealed that 83 per cent of home and office routers have vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.  These include the more popular brands such as Linksys, NETGEAR and D-Link. Why Are Old Routers Vulnerable? Older routers are open to attacks that are [...]

Could Biometric Regulations Be On The Way Soon?

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A written parliamentary question from MP Luciana Berger about the possibility of bringing forward legislation to regulate the use of facial recognition technology has led the Home Office to hint that the legislation (and more) may be on the way soon. Questions and Answers The question by the MP about bringing forward 'biometrics legislation' related to how facial recognition was being used for immigration purposes at airports. Last month, MP David Davis also asked about possible safeguards to protect the security and privacy of citizens’ data that is held as part of the Home Office’s biometrics programme. Caroline Nokes has said [...]

Tech Tip – Lightbeam Screen-Sharing App

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If you’d like an app that enables you to easily share mobile screens with a friend or colleague, for work or leisure, Lightbeam is a new, free, cross-platform app which does just that. The social screen sharing app also makes it easy to book group itineraries and reservations for trips, and it also works as a video chat service. To download the app find it on Apple’s iTunes, and on Google Play Store.

Surveillance Attack on WhatsApp

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It has been reported that it was a surveillance attack on Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging app that caused the company to urge all of its 1.5bn users to update their apps as an extra precaution recently. What Kind of Attack? Technical commentators have identified the attack on WhatsApp as a ‘zero-day’ exploit that is used to load spyware onto the victim’s phone.  Once the victim’s WhatsApp has been hijacked and the spyware loaded onto the phone, it can, for example, access encrypted chats, access photos, contacts and other information, as well as being able to eavesdrop on calls, and even turn [...]

3D AR Shopping Via Google Search

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Later this month, Google will be rolling out 3D Augmented Reality (AR) in its search results, a change which could allow retailers to show their products online in a way that enables customers to a virtually ‘try’ those products and see them in situ before buying them. Shown At Phone Launch Google showed how 3D AR could work in search results to attendees of the launch of its Pixel 3 smartphone at its annual developer’s conference. At the phone launch, Google’s Vice President, Aparna Chennapragada, used a superimposed animation of a shark and a 3D exploration of a pair of New [...]

Proposed Legislation To Make IoT Devices More Secure

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Digital Minister Margot James has proposed the introduction of legislation that could make internet-connected gadgets less vulnerable to attacks by hackers. What’s The Problem? Gartner predicts that there will be 14.2 billion ‘smart’, internet-connected devices in use worldwide by the end of 2019.  These devices include connected TVs, smart speakers and home appliances. In business settings, IoT devices can include elevators, doors, or whole heating and fire safety systems in office buildings. The main security issue of many of these devices is that they have pre-set, default unchangeable passwords, and once these passwords have been discovered by cybercriminals the IoT [...]

G7 Cyber Attack Simulation To Test Financial Sector

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The G7 nations will be holding a simulated cyber-attack this month to test the possible effects of a serious malware infection on the financial sector. France The attack simulation was organised by the French central bank under France’s presidency of the Group of Seven nations (G7).  The three-day exercise will be aimed at demonstrating the cross-border effects of such an attack and will involve 24 financial authorities from the seven countries, comprising central banks, market authorities and finance ministries.  It has been reported that representatives of the private sector in France, Italy Germany and Japan will also participate in the [...]