Cash Under Threat

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A new report has concluded that with the recent steep fall in the use of cash, particularly by young people, the government and regulators need to step in to ensure that cash remains a viable method of payment in the future. The ‘Independent’ Research The independent research called 'Access to Cash Review' was authored by Natalie Ceeney (a former financial ombudsman) and financed by cash machine network operator Link and used evidence from nearly 100 businesses and charities in the UK to reach its conclusions. What’s The Problem? The use of cash has been in decline while the use of [...]

Fingerprint Bank Card

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RBS is reportedly about to hold trials of a new, more secure biometric bank card where customers can use their fingerprint instead of a PIN to verify purchases. April The trial, which will involve some 200 RBS and NatWest UK-based customers, is due to begin in April this year and will and last for three months. Although this is the first time this kind of advanced card technology has been trialled in the UK, a similar trial has already taken place in Cyprus. Partners RBS is working on the biometric fingerprint-verified card project in partnership with digital security company Gemalto, Visa, [...]

Businesses Delayed Security Breach Disclosure

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An FoI request to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has revealed cause for concern over whether businesses on the run up to the implementation of GDPR were preventing, detecting and responding to security threats and breaches in a good and compliant way. Delay In Identifying and Reporting An FoI request to the ICO by threat detection and response firm Redscan found that, in the year leading up to the implementation of GDPR on 25th of May, many UK businesses appeared to be routinely delaying data breach disclosure to the ICO. The data revealed in the request indicated that companies took an [...]

Serious Windows 7 Bug Reported

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Google has warned those who are still using Windows 7 that they are at risk of hackers being able to take over their computer by exploiting the combination of a flaw in the Window 7 OS and Google’s Chrome Browser. Google Alert The threat to Windows 7 comes from combined flaws in its OS, and a flaw in Google Chrome.  It was Google that announced the discovery of the zero-day vulnerability CVE-2019-5786 in Chrome. A zero-day vulnerability is one that gives Google, for example, zero days to find a fix because it is already being exploited.  In this case, Clement [...]

Chatbot Supports Students

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Lancaster University has announced that it has launched a chatbot “companion” for students which allows them to ask almost any question about their university experience, from student life, and welfare, to academic studies and more. Ask L.U. The chatbot service, called ‘Ask L.U.’, was built on Amazon Web Services (voice) and delivers a voice interface that interacts with users. The chatbot companion was designed and built by Lancaster University’s Information Systems Services (ISS) and enhances the existing iLancaster mobile app with a range of student-focused voice services. The chatbot project also includes special facilities for disabled students, developed in conjunction [...]

Tech Tip – Save Your Passwords Securely on Mobile Devices

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If you’d like to be able to save all your login credentials in a secure and safe manner on your mobile device, an app like the ‘LastPass’ password manager may prove very helpful.  It’s one of many such apps, but it’s been rated highly. LastPass is a 'freemium' model password manager that stores encrypted passwords online. - Download the LastPass Mobile App from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. - Follow the app instructions. - Log in with the same LastPass account to sync data between devices, or you can swipe into the LastPass app with your fingerprint for extra [...]

New 1TeraByte (Yes, TeraByte) MicroSD Cards Launched

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Both Micron and Western Digital’s SanDisk brand have announced at the Mobile World Congress that they are launching the first 1TB microSD cards. A First Up until now, companies haven’t been able to produce anything above 128GB, so the jump to a 1TB capacity card is a big jump that could mean less reliance on the Cloud for storage, and better performance from smartphones and other devices. Micron Micron Technology, Inc., the US global corporation based in Idaho has announced the launch of the c200 1TB microSDXC UHS-I card, an innovative removable MicroSD Card that boats a terabyte of A2 [...]

Nest Locking Customers Out Over Suspected Security Breach

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Nest Labs, the US manufacturer of smart home products is reported to have been locking some customers out of their accounts over possible password breaches. Nest Nest Labs (founded by iPod inventor Tony Fadell and purchased by Google back in 2014) is a manufacturer of smart home gadgets, including thermostats, cameras, a video doorbell, a smoke and CO2 alarm, and the Nest Aware system where customers can monitor all activity at their home via an app. What’s Happened? Nest has recently been the subject of several hacks e.g. there have been reports of Nest cameras being hacked, such as the [...]

Response To Freedom of Information Requests Concerning Brexit Involves ICO

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Two government departments and a Kent-based Brexit planning group are reported to have given local councils advice on how to avoid releasing information about the no-deal Brexit plans, prompting UK. Gov and the ICO to intervene. What Happened? Kent Online reported that at the end of January, a leaked report showed that local councils were being given advice about how to handle Freedom of Information requests relating to the councils’ work and plans towards a no-deal Brexit, in a way that would not cause public harm. It has been alleged that the threat of a no-deal Brexit situation has led to [...]

Potential £ 1 Million Court Bill Over £1 Uber Receipt

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A millionaire barrister who raised crowdfunding money to fight ride-sharing company Uber in court over a £1.06 VAT receipt has lost attempts to limit his court costs liability and could face a £1 Million legal bill. What Happened? The initial reason given for tax lawyer Jolyon Maugham QC bringing the case against Uber was that he was not given a VAT receipt for £1.06 for his £6.34 taxi journey which he could have reclaimed from HMRC as a business expense and that Mr Maugham QC believed that Uber was undercharging VAT on its taxi services. However, as commentators have noted [...]