Elon Musk – World’s Most Expensive Tweet!

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Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk’s tweet(s) about taking the company private using ‘secured’ funding has cost him not just his role as Chairman for 3 years, but also a $20m (£15m) fine, and some damaging fraud accusations. What Happened? Back in August, the South African-born, 25th richest person in the world (Forbes), and Chairman of American multinational corporation specialising in electric vehicles ‘Tesla’ made a short series of tweets that put him on the wrong side of the US financial regulator Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules. In the tweets, Mr Musk said that he was considering taking the electronic car [...]

Tech Tip – Use ‘Near Share’ To Share Files

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Windows 10 has a “Near Share” / “Nearby Sharing” feature, similar to Apple’s AirDrop, that allows you to share (by Bluetooth) files, links, photos, and more to nearby Windows PCs that also have the feature enabled. You can enable Nearby Sharing from either Windows 10’s Share dialog, or in Windows 10’s Settings app. Here’s how: From the Share dialog - - Click a “Share” button e.g. the “Share” button on Edge’s toolbar, or right-click a file in File Explorer and select the “Share” command. - In the Share menu, click / tap the “Tap to turn on nearby sharing” option. [...]

Mobile Working Causes Absenteeism

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Research by B2M Solutions has concluded that instead of saving costs, mobile working could be costing UK businesses £1.18 billion per year, as 40% of mobile workers attribute time taken off work to stress and anxiety caused mainly by reliability issues with mobile devices. The Research The B2M Solutions ‘Mobile Impact Survey’ gathered the opinions of 200 mobile workers in the US and UK who said that the mobile device they used at work was a critical tool that they needed to complete their work tasks, and that device reliability was of the uppermost importance. What’s The Problem? According to [...]

Microsoft Slows Updates

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Microsoft has listened to corporate SaaS Windows 10 clients and slowed down the rate of patches and updates that it is sending out, thereby giving company admins more time to catch up. What’s The Problem? For many enterprise / corporate customers, two feature upgrades for Windows 10 a year is proving too much to keep up with, resulting in many admins now saying that they’ve barely got the time to deal with one upgrade before another one comes along, thereby leading to the temptation to skip every other update. Those tasked with managing the updates also say that the updates [...]

Microsoft Tests Pop-Up Warnings About Other Browsers

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Microsoft has made the news again by appearing to flex its market muscle by testing pop-up warnings in Windows 10 that are triggered when users start to install rival Chrome or Firefox web browsers. What Happens? It’s been reported that when a user tries to install another, non-Microsoft browser on a computer running Windows 10, pop-up warnings are issued that remind the user that they already have Microsoft's Edge browser installed, and that Edge is a "faster, safer" browser for the Windows 10 operating system.. Just A Test Microsoft has been quick to point out that the pop-up warnings are [...]

New Chrome 69 Creates Better Passwords, Among Other Features

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Chrome 69, the latest version of the Google browser which is now 10 years old, has a number of value-adding new features, including the ability to automatically generate strong passwords. Improved Password Manager This latest version of Chrome has an improved password manager that is perhaps more fitting of the browser that is favoured by 60% of browser users, many of whom still rely upon using very weak passwords. For example, the most commonly used passwords in 2017 were reported to be 123456, password, 12345678 and qwerty. The updated password manger in Chrome 69 hopes to make serious inroads into [...]

Resurrecting An Old Android Phone Is Easier Than You Think

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Many of us have an old Android phone somewhere in the house, doing nothing. Rather than leaving it there to add no value to your life and work, you may find that it’s much easier than you think to resurrect it. Look Beyond The Launch Even though your phone may have been the greatest and the fastest when it was launched, the passage of time doesn’t necessarily mean that it has become obsolete. Performance issues can, of course, be exaggerated by age and resource limitations, but there are some steps you can take to clean-up your old android phone and [...]

Tech Tip – Lockdown Your Wi-Fi

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If you’re using Windows 10 and you want to make sure you’re not exposed to the security risks posed by insecure wireless networks, there is a quick and easy way you can protect your Wi-Fi connectivity. Here’s how: Go to Settings. Go to Network & Internet > Wi-Fi Make sure that the 'Connect to suggested open hotspots' option is disabled, unless you connect through a virtual private network or VPN service.

Find Out What ‘Deep Fakes’ Are and Why They’re A Threat

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Deep fakes are digitally manipulated videos that have been created using deep learning technology to make the subject of the video (often a famous person) say anything the video maker wants them to say, even incorporating the style and facial expressions of another person. Example An example here is a video that demonstrates the technique, and features a fake video of Barack Obama saying things that he would never normally (publicly) say. Example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmUC4m6w1wo Improving Fast The technique, which had its less than auspicious first uses in pornography, where porn actors were made to look and sound like famous [...]

UK Government Guilty of Mass Surveillance Human Rights Breach

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The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has found the UK government guilty of violating the right to privacy of citizens under the European convention because the safeguards within the government's system for bulk interception of communications were not strong enough to provide guarantees against abuse. The Case The case which led to the verdict, was brought against the UK government by 14 human rights groups, journalism organisations, and privacy organisations such as Amnesty International, Big Brother Watch and Liberty in the wake of the 2013 revelations by Edward Snowden, specifically that GCHQ was secretly intercepting communications traffic via [...]