ICO Highlights Prevalence of GDPR Myths

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The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has reported taking 500+ calls per week reporting GDPR data breaches, but one-third of the calls appear to be based on myths and misunderstandings or over-reporting about GDPR matters. Update After Freedom of Information Request The update by the ICO about how things appear to be going just three months after the introduction of GDPR came shortly after a Freedom of Information (FOI) by law firm EMW yielded figures that showed that the number of complaints between 25th May and 3rd July 2018 rose to 6,281 versus 2,417 during the same period in 2017. Over-Reporting [...]

Only 32% of Emails Clean Enough To ‘Make It’

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A bi-annual study by FireEye has found that less than a third of over half a billion emails analysed were considered clean enough not to be blocked from entering our inboxes. Phishing Problem Evident The study found that even though 9 out of 10 emails that are blocked by email security / anti-virus didn’t actually contain malware, 81% of the blocked emails were phishing attacks. This figure is double that of the previous 6 months. Webroot’s Quarterly Threat Trends Report data, for example, shows that 1.39 million new phishing sites are created each month, and that this figure was even [...]

Microsoft Launches ‘AccountGuard’ Email Service For Election Candidates

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A new kind of pilot secure email service called ‘AccountGuard’ has been launched by Microsoft, specifically for use by election candidates, and as one answer to the kind of interference that took place during the last US presidential election campaign. Ready For The Midterm Elections The new, free email service (which people must useOffice 365 to register for) is an off-shoot of Microsoft’s 'Defending Democracy' Program. This program was launched in April with the aim of protecting campaigns from hacking, through increased cyber resilience measures, enhanced account monitoring and incident response capabilities. The AccountGuard pilot has been launched in time [...]

Tech Tip – Using OneDrive Cloud Storage on Windows 10

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If you want to set up quick and easy cloud storage from your Windows PC for storing, sharing and saving files across your different devices you can use OneDrive. Here’s how to set it up: - If you have a Microsoft account e.g. @outlook.com, @hotmail.com, @live.com email address, Xbox Live or Skype account you can use that to sign in. - If you don’t have a Microsoft account, go to onedrive.com and click the click the ‘Sign up for free’ button - click on the Create a Microsoft account button, create a new email address and password, click ‘Next’ and [...]

BA Security Fallout

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A discovery of the file containing the code used in the recent hack of the British Airways website and app that affected 380,000 transactions has revealed that it only took 22 lines of JavaScript to cause the massive data breach. Skimming The hack that took place on 21st August and caused disruption into September is now believed to be down to the injection of a digital skimming file designed to steal financial data from the online payment forms of BA’s website and app. The small skimming file, which was discovered by a cyber-security firm RiskIQ, was used to grab data [...]

Criminals ‘Invest’ More Than Businesses

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Research shows that one reason why organisations face constant, serious security threats is that cyber criminals, fuelled by a new cybercrime-based economy are spending much more on cyber attacks than organisations are spending on cyber security. Cyber Criminals Spending and Reinvesting $Trillions! Back in 2017, Gartner predicted that organisations would collectively be spending around $96 billion on their cyber-security. Although this is a big number, it is dwarfed by the figures relating to the proceeds of crime. For example, last year, Cyber Security Ventures predicted that cyber-crime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, and Bromium’s independent study [...]

90% Of Businesses Blindly Renew Software

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A report by Clear Licensing (CCL) has highlighted the fact that most organisations simply renew software maintenance contracts without assessing whether those contracts deliver value. 1 In 10 Companies Check The CCL report (which is based upon research conducted in and May this year), took into account the responses of 100 global participants, and was designed to understand current trends and identify best practices for the software maintenance market. The key statistic that the research uncovered was that only 1 in 10 organisations involve the IT asset management function in the decision to renew software maintenance agreements. The inference from [...]

Apple Apps Taken Down For Spying

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The Mac App Store has taken down a number of well known security apps for the Apple Mac after it was discovered that they are being used to spy on the browsing habits of their users. Which Apps? It has been reported that Dr Unarchiver, Dr Cleaner, Adware Medic, Adware Doctor and App Uninstall have all been removed from the Apple-curated Mac App Store on the grounds of spying on users. Rumbled A researcher in Germany, identified only by their @privacyis1st twitter identity is credited with alerting the Mac App Store to the fact that the Adware Doctor app attributed [...]

Businesses Set For Augmented Reality

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A report based on research by IT Consultancy Group Capgemini has predicted a big shift towards the use of virtual reality and augmented reality by businesses over the next 3 years. Mainstream Soon The results of a survey of 700 business executives across multiple sectors show that 46% think that VR and AR technologies will become a major part of their organisation in the next 3 years. Nearly 40% also said that VR and AR would be mainstream in just 5 years. Based on the findings of its survey, Capgemini thinks that half of all businesses not already using AR [...]

Tech Tip – Send Texts From Your Windows 10 PC With ‘Your Phone’ App

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If you’d like to be able to send phone texts from your PC without having to unlock your phone, you can do it with the Your Phone app for Windows 10. Here’s how: - Open the Your Phone app. - Click on Messages. - Click on the See Texts button. - Click on the Send Notification button. - On your phone, confirm the notification to allow Your Phone app to access your text messages. - To send a new message, click the New Message button. - Type the phone number or search for the contact you want to send a [...]